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A Visit to Franklin, NC, page 2

From a photo album kept by an unidentified family, visiting kin in the summer of 1926

Visiting family & friends

The visitors relax at Uncle Charles Slagle's fish camp, at "The Black Place" on the Nantahala River (Rainbow Springs).

The Harrison cabin in Wayah Valley is one of the oldest structures in Macon County. The visitors stopped here for a chicken dinner - the photo (2nd down) shows a man butchering the chicken while in the foreground, someone else cleans out the spring.

People were beginning to depend on the automobile to get around, but ox carts were still a dependable way to haul goods, as shown here. The structure to right appears to be a well.

This mountain farm (left) provided an excellent view of Wayah Bald (on right); the closer mountain on the left was labeled "Kunnihete."

Above, the Lassie Kelly camp in the Nantahalas.

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