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A Visit to Franklin, NC, page 1

From a photo album kept by an unidentified family, visiting kin in the summer of 1926

An antique dealer found a leather-bound souvenir book of a family's visit to Franklin, 1926. The family is not identified, but most of the locations in the album are. If you recognize the people, please let us know. Contact Barbara McRae at Teresita or Barbara White at the Macon County Historical Museum .

Wayah Bald in the Nantahala Range

Free-range cattle on Wayah BaldWayah Bald (alt. 5,385 ft.) was a popular spot for Franklin families and visitors in the summer.

The Bald was a traditional grazing ground for open range livestock, such as the cows the visitors encountered on their drive.

"Uncle Cliff" on Raven Rock "Uncle Cliff" (possibly Clifford Harrison) snaps photographs from Raven Rock.

Touring family on Wayah Bald, 1926
The Bald was home to the Wilson Lick Ranger Station (above right), the oldest in the Nantahalas, built about 1916. (Now on the National Register of Historic Places.) Other early structures included cabins (below right), which were used by men watching over free-range livestock, or by families camping on the Bald.

The Civilian Conservation Corps built a rock fire observation tower on the Bald in 1936, but in 1926, there was only a ladder to a high perch on a tree (left).

Wilson Lick Ranger Station, 1926

Cabin on Wayah Bald, 1926

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