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We're pleased to offer The Teresita Gazette as a free service for all who share our interest in the history and genealogy of Macon County NC.

If you wish, we'll notify you by e-mail when a new issue of the newsletter is available. (Use the Contact us link to e-mail your wishes.) We plan to place the Gazette on the website in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format for easy downloading. You should be able to receive a fully formatted newsletter with color images in just a few seconds or a few minutes at the most.

To read the newsletter, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free from Adobe.

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We're still experimenting with the newsletter and don't have a solid schedule yet. We appreciate your patience and suggestions. We'll try to make each issue worth the wait.

Have a topic you'd like to see in the newsletter? Let us know and we'll try to include it.

The Teresita Gazette

Download March issueIssue #1 - March 2000

Download July issueIssue #2 - July 2000

Contents of July 2000 issue:

  • McConnell Reunion
  • Will Book 1 Testators
  • Bounties for Wolves
  • School Districts 1897
  • First County Court
  • Westward Migration
  • Queries
    • Arnold
    • Boone/ May
    • Caler
    • Crawford
    • Hays
    • Johnston
    • Mack
    • Morgan
    • Wilson/ Martin
    • Wild/Shields
    • Ah-leach or Alitse

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